Qscape new release

Version 17.0   24th November 2017

Supported CAD versions

·       BricsCAD Pro (or higher) V13 to V18

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2018


1.    BricsCAD V18 supported.


2.    QSettings – “QPlants - Label Size” setting – Allows the control of font heights allocated to anticipated plot scales eg 1:100, 1:200 etc. Font heights can be allocated to just the current drawing and/or to Qscape defaults. There are also options to update existing entities in the current drawing and to revert back to “factory” settings. 


1.    QPlants – Inputting Plant Mix Labels into drawing – Closed polyline selection behaviour now aligned with other categories such as “Shrubs”, “Herbaceous” etc. So Private line lassoos will be retained/deleted in accordance with QSettings (“QPlants – Lassoo Actions”).  Qscape will also automatically attempt to generate a lassoo if user clicks into blank space rather than selecting a closed polyline.


2.    QSoft/QHard - "Descriptions" - (allocated to Qscape layers and appears in Excel Cost Estimates/Keys).  Non-alphanumeric characters such as speech marks or punctuation now supported.



1.    Qscape Palette (UK) – Shrub - Spiraea - spelling corrected from Spirea.  (NB will only affect new installs).


2.    QMeasure - Cost Estimates tab - Export to Excel - Failed if the current drawing file extension was upper case eg "MyDrawing.DWG" rather than "MyDrawing.dwg".


3.    QPLantPLANTPARTNER - Schedule Import - Broke due to changes to PlantPARTNER website.  


4.    QPLantPLANTPARTNER – Schedule/Product Import - Surplus spaces in PlantPARTNER specification information stripped out before import into Qscape. Eg for bulbs/wildflowers - “Full   pot” would become “Full pot”.


5.    QMeasure - Plant Schedule Import (Table format) - Further information at bottom of Schedule eg "- Substitutions to be agreed with Landscape Architect" etc was missed off.


6.    QSoft - Poly M tab - Automatic Offset - If offset button is set to on, but no distance entered in the offset distance textbox, the polyline got deleted (rather than retained but not offset).


7.    Start-up – The user prompt on the command line was lost after the Qscape Web/copyright information. (“cmdecho” setting).


8.    “Cmdecho” setting - Qscape turned off cmdecho (Command Echo) setting at start up. This could cause confusion to advanced CAD users working interactively with lisp on the command line, due to missing prompts and messages. Code substantially rewritten to only surpress (and restore) cmdecho as and when required.


9.    AutoCAD (probably 2015 onwards)  - Launching Qscape from the "QAbout" dialogue box (as appears by default when a button is pressed before Qscape is launched) caused fatal error.   (Command-s call issue).



1.    QSettings - Auto Launch - This feature automatically launched Qscape every time a drawing was opened (It is set to off by default).  A bug arose in BricsCAD V17 where by using the double-click method to open more than one drawing in quick succession caused BricsCAD V17 to fatal error. As it is bad practice to launch Qscape in drawings where Qscape is not required this feature has been depreciated.


2.    QDropbox - Depreciated due to API changes by Dropbox and the removal of "Public" folder functionality.  This means Qscape is now unable to second guess the generated sharing link urls.


3.    QClip command - (For punching holes or removal into xrefs/blocks). Depreciated as the native "xclip" command does the same, including “punching” holes into xrefs/blocks.



1.    Qscape Menu files - moved to their own subfolder with in the primary Qscape folder.


2.    "QLicstatus" command - returns license information such as days to expiry or license troubleshooting information on command line.



Version 16.1   3rd May 2017


3.    QPlantPARTNER - code substantially rewritten, so should be more tolerant to PlantPARTNER website updates (and in the future, if it does get broken, easier to fix).


3.    BricsCAD V17 (v17.2.04 onwards) and AutoCAD - Start up - Failed if the current layer in the drawing is locked.  Regression added in v16.0 (Qload_Ltypes subroutine).


4.    AutoCAD - QPLANTPARTNER Product & Schedule Import - Although fixed for BricsCAD in the previous release, there was an unanticipated diversion in how website html code was read between the two CAD packages.   


Version 16.0   6th April 2017

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2018

·       BricsCAD Pro/Platinum V13 to V17.


1.    Support for AutoCAD 2018.


2.    "QViewport" - Accessed from command line or from QSettings.  This is a tool/dialogue box that creates, modifies and queries viewports. The advantage over native controls is that it takes in account whether the user is using millimetres or metres and you can just select the desired scale eg “1:200, 1:100” etc.  It will also test/convert the scale of existing viewports.   Another advantage is that it allows users to predetermine the centre point of the viewports in modelspace.


1.    QAbout – Qscape version information made clearer.


1.    QAbout - Check for new updates - Download dialogue box (if applicable) visited out of date urls.


2.    QPlantPARTNER - Product and Schedule Import failed.


3.    AutoCAD 2014 (possibly 2015 too?) - Start up failed.  This was due to confict in the loading Qscape Linetypes (block insert/redefine) routine using newly implemented command-s calls.


4.    AutoCAD 2017 - QSettings - Several settings failed due to new command-s calls being required.  Fixed Settings are "Metre/Millimetres - Change existing drawing"; "Qscape Layer Prefix"; "QPlants - Label Style"; "QPlants - Leader Style"; "Qscape's Default Layer settings"; "Drawing Sheet Setup".


5.    QSoft/QHard – Tooltips - Several were out of date/incorrect.


6.    Qscape V15.1 and V15.2 users - QSoft - PolyM2 – Some users reported their item descriptions getting corrupted to “1” or “0”.  This was most obviously visible when producing keys or exporting cost estimates to Excel.  (Patches were issued as required at the time).  Patch now included in the extraneous update works launched at start-up when new install detected just in case any affected users are unaware of the bug.



Version 15.2   25th February 2017


1.    New user installs - Start up error.   Due to extraneous update works routine for v15.1 not accounting for new users.  (Existing users worked fine).


Version 15.1   8th February 2017


1.    Language Localisation available - More information available on request.


2.    Currency Localisation available – More information available on request.


3.    QSettings - QSoft/QHard - Cost Rates – All cost rates can now be accessed and tweaked in a single here.  (Can still also be accessed through the QMeasure - Cost Estimate tab).


1.    QSoft – Poly M2 - Settings – Hedges – Qscape has always treated hedges differently.  Rather than measuring their area, it derives a length measurement from the circumference of the hedge polyline, working on the assumption hedges are generally between 0.5 and 1.5m wide. Previously Qscape knew a layer was a hedge by searching for the text string “hedge” within the layer name.  Now you expressly tell Qscape if a layer is a hedge using a checkbox in a “Hedge” column on the “Properties” grid.  The “Costs” grid now explicitly says the measurement unit is “m (derived)” rather than ”m2” which it wasn’t.  NB All legacy hedges on the “Poly m2” tab will automatically be updated in this fashion.  In future, if you are adding hedge layers, you need to tell Qscape that they are hedges using the checkbox and there is no requirement to have the text string “hedge” in the item/layer name.


1.    QAbout – Registered business address changed 6th January 2017.


2.    QSettings/QPlants - Changing Plotscale - When working in mm in a scale other than the default 1:200, the Mtext labels were tiny (because the Textstyle font scale wasn’t scaled up from metres).


3.    QSettings - Plotscale - Changing existing labels - If QPlants was active, an error message appeared and the label on QPlants wasn't updated. Routine worked apart from that though.


4.    QMeasure - Cost Estimate Settings - "Derive total lengths of hedges from plant labels" feature now depreciated.  With apologies, this feature has become untenable because it doesn’t take account of multiple hedge layers with multiple cost rates.   There is no way to know which layer (and costs) to allocate to the counted hedge labels.  Please remember that Cost Estimates are exactly that, just "Estimates". So, for super precise measurements of hedge lengths should be derived from the plant schedule rather than the cost estimate.


5.    BricsCAD V17 (17.1.17 and earlier) - Exporting mixes to Excel - Mix break downs are not properly split into the correct columns.  This is due to a regression that developed in BricsCAD’s “wcmatch” function.  (Fixed for the next BricsCAD release).


6.    AutoCAD 2017– QSoft/QHard – Poly m2/Poly m Settings – The Properties tab grids failed to populate correctly due to a subroutine (to load Qscape linetypes) requiring a “command-s” call.



Version 15.0   28th November 2016

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2017

·       BricsCAD Pro/Platinum V13 to V17.


1.    Support for BricsCAD V17. NB Minimum build required is 17.1.09.


2.    "My Qscape Documents" folder backups – backups are now created when user is overwriting folders (through the Qscape interface).  If a user is copying their "My Qscape Documents" folder from the "Local" location to the "Network" location or vice versa, and agrees to overwrite the old folder when queried, Qscape will create a back up the old folder into a "Deleted Qscape Documents" folder within the same mother directory.  Up to 5No. legacy copies of Qscape Documents will be retained in this fashion.  This procedure is designed to aid trouble shooting for users who have accidentally overwrite their “My Qscape Documents” (through copying using “local/network settings” interace).  NB This is not a substitute for inhouse backup protocols as it can’t protect against system failures/user errors outside of Qscape’s control eg deleting through Windows.  The “Deleted Qscape Documents” folder can be manually deleted if desired, it doesn’t affect Qscape’s operation.


3.    QSoft/QHard/QPlants data file back ups - When editing layer settings/costs and plant databases - a backup copy (up to a maximum of 10) of the original data file is made in the "Back up" folder of "My Qscape Documents" (one per day) every time one is accessed through the Qscape interface. This is to aid data restoring, should something untoward happen such a user accidentally deleting their data when editing a plant or a hatch setting for instance.



1.    About Qscape (QAbout) dialogue - "Check for updates" button - added as more visible than the previously used  hyperlink.



1.    Start up - Pop up Tray Window in bottom right of screen - information was truncated (on certain setups).



Version 14.2   20th October 2016


1.    QPlants Error Handler - When triggered (Escape pressed) whilst inputting lassoos,– The  error handler failed and then offered an innocuous looking command line option to "undo all?". As it is easy to miss and the default answer is "Yes", it was very easy to inadvertently undo an entire day’s work with no “redo” option! (Regression added in V14.1).


2.    QMeasure - "Edit Costs button" – Failed and went into error in Network mode, when a flag is found indicating that the cost databases are/have been edited by others.



Version 14.1   29th September 2016


1.    QPlants - Adding a Plant - Automatic Lassoo generation - When adding a plant such as a shrub, bamboo, herbaceous etc.  If there is no lassoo to pick, just pick a point (with in a closed boundary) and Qscape will attempt to automatically generate a lassoo, measure it (and optionally delete) for you and start your label leader.


2.    QPlants – Recalculate Plant numbers to new polyline - Automatic Lassoo generation – See above.


3.    QTools - "QCoordinates" button - Adds labels to user selected points on a drawing showing the Northings and Eastings coordinates (using World coordinates).  To aid production of setting out drawings.


4.    QPlants - Find/Replace dialogue - 3 new buttons:

                                       i.    "Unzoom" - Reverts back to previous view (after zooming into a found label).

                                      ii.    "Textbox All" - Add a text boxes on a non-plotting layer of all the instances of that plant.

                                     iii.    "Untextbox All" - Removes all textboxes.


5.    QTools - "QSel" command enhancements (for querying and selecting drawing entities) - Area and Length information now returned, always returned in metres even if drawing is set up for mm.  Returned information can now also be copied to Window's clipboard.


1.    Dialogue screen centering failsafe added - Sometimes modeless dialogue boxes eg QSoft, QHard, QPlants can get lost "off screen" in Windows.  To get around this a failsafe has been added each time a dialogue is launched. First time you launch it - it is opened in the previous used location. Second time you launch it, assuming its open (and possibly off screen) it automatically centers the dialogue box on the screen.


2.    QPlants – Useful buttons moved to more prominent locations – The moved buttons are the “Plant label numbers recalibrate” button and the “Plant Find and Replace” button.


3.    QSettings/QPlants - "Lassoo Actions" – Renamed from “Keep/Delete Lassoos” and additionally added to QPlants – Settings dialogue box.


4.    AutoCAD – Lassoos generation - can be generated within non Qscape layer polyline boundary sets. (BricsCAD already did this). 


5.    QPlants - Adding a plant - Selected polyline/lassoo stays highlighted until the plant label is brought in (to reduce chance of accidentqally selecting the wrong polyline).


6.    QAbout - Release date - format upgraded from 29.9.16 to 29th September 2016.


1.    AutoCAD 2015 onwards - QSoft, QHard, QPlants Error Handlers failed - due to it not accepting "Command" calls within it. (Changed to "command-s").


2.    QSoft/QHard/QPlants – Osnap/Esnap – When using “Pick point” drawing mode (or lassoos) - Osnap is temporarily supressed by design, but wasn't reinstated if the error handler was triggered. (Escape pressed).


3.    QSoft/QHard - Hatching – Assorted hatch settings not reinstated if error handler was triggered (escape pressed) – Settings were hpassoc, hpbound, hpname, hpscale, hpseparate, hpang, hplayer.


4.    BricsCAD - QPlants - Error handler - "Promptmenu" settings - not reinstated after being suppressed.


5.    QAbout - PDF User Manual - failed to open.


6.    QTools - QScalebar - At 1:5 scale, because it was such a small scale, a couple of incorrect numbers appeared due to rounding up of numbers to one decimal place.


7.    QMeasure - Plant Scheduling – Unnecessary command line message - If all ignore lines found are actually frozen, unnecessary command line message appears "0No. Ignore polygon(s) found.  Subtracting entities, please wait...".


8.    TrayWindow popup in bottom right of screen - (appears at start up to indicate current settings or as a warning if using a twisted view).  Was a third party function, but was causing crash reports to be generated in BricsCAD V16 (Windows 7) and crash info to appear in Windows 10's EventViewer.  Function now rewritten as integrated part of Qscape to prevent this.   Colour changed to green to fit in with other Qscape graphics.



Version 14.0   12th May 2016

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2017 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       BricsCAD Pro/Platinum V12 to v16.



1.    Support for AutoCAD 2017.


2.    QPlants - Recalibrate existing plant label to a new/changed closed polyline button -  Found at bottom of QPlants with other plant labelling functions.  Simply select an existing label and a corresponding closed polyline and the quantities in the label will be recalibrated.  The function also has a command line option to recalibrate plant numbers to linear polylines too.


3.    QPlants – Shortcut button directly to QSoft's "Blocks" tab - for quick insertion of blocks on the fly when doing planting plans.


4.    "QToolbar" command - (Commandline only) - forces show and float of Qscape Toolbars in the CAD interface.  Useful for Ribbon users who still want the Qscape toolbars within the interface.  Also useful if the toolbars have been turned off or accidentally pushed off screen for any user.   See also “Qmenu” command (Item 8, under “Improved” heading below).


1.    QPlants -  Improved graphics, tooltips and command line user prompts through out.


2.    QPlants - "Multi" toggle – toggles rationalised to single toggle button and moved to bottom of QPlants next to Background Mask toggle and with the other plant label function buttons.  Style updated.


3.    QPlants – “Background Mask” toggle – style updated.


4.    QPlants - Used plants toggle added to each tab next to the column toggles.


5.    QSettings - Optimise BricsCAD/AutoCAD Settings (qconfigure) - Set cross hair size option - reduced from 5 pixels to 4 pixels. (5 pixels started seems a tad too big).


6.    Startup - Ribbon Interface users - Qscape toolbars now added as a matter of course after a new install/update.  This is because in the latest iterations of AutoCAD they are easier to turn off than to manually add to the user interface should they be required.  (The new "qtoolbar" command also helps in this regard). 

7.    "QMenu" command - (Commandline only) - Forces loading of Qscape menu and toolbars.  AutoCAD Ribbon users now asked whether they want the Qscape toolbars (Qscape and QTools) added to the interface. This is for Ribbon users who prefer having the easy access of the Qscape toolbars within the Ribbon interface.


8.    BricsCAD V16 (and later) - QSettings - Optimise BricsCAD Settings (qconfigure) - Time Sensitive Right click option added.



9.    Qscape program folders – Rationalised to a single working folder (in Program Files).   Reduces Qscape clutter in CAD’s “program options/settings” eg File Support Paths, Trusted Paths etc. NB The “My Qscape Documents” folder remains unchanged and separate.



1.    QSoft/QHard - Blocks Tab - "Swap" drawing mode - Command line error if no entity selected.


2.    BricsCAD - Quad Display setting - By default, the Quad is displayed on right click of the Mouse (“quaddisplay” setting).  This interfered with Qscape's right-click repeat/shortcut menu show actions. Quad right click activation - now turned off at Qscape start up.


3.    Startup – Rogue font files causing system crash – This occurred due to Qscape not "liking" a few font files (if allocated to a Qscape label style) such as "ISOCP".  The offending font files are actually ".shx" files found in the BricsCAD/AutoCAD's support paths rather than the usual ".ttf" files found in the Windows's fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts). It was the support of "Big Fonts" aspect of the shx files which broke Qscape.


4.    QSoft/QHard - Entity Input mode toggles - Incorrect tooltip for "Swap" mode. Control heights were inconsistent.


5.    QSoft/QHard - Polyline generation - Failed when CAD's "Plinetype" setting (governs handling of old style pre AutoCAD R14 polylines) was set to 0 rather than the default value 2.  This is now fixed at Qscape’s start up.


6.    Plant databases - Mixes - Data file editing - Capital "C" for centers/centres text caused parsing failure.  Eg Plant Mix 1 planted @ 3m Centres failed but Plant Mix 1 planted @ 3m centres worked.



Version 13.2   22nd February 2016


1.    QPlants/QMeasure - Plant Data files  - Capitals for spacing for Mixes/Hedges eg "3/M2" not just "3/m2" now supported.



1.    PlantPARTNER - Schedule Import broken - Fixed and hopefully made more robust, including "catching" more PlantPARTNER plants, such as those included in mixes and own self defined groups.


2.    QMeasure - Plant Scheduling Crash Analysis - The Mix name which failed not always correctly returned.


3.    QMeasure - Plant Scheduling - Traffic Light - now set to red when counting routine initiated, to avoid false positive green light (if crash occurs).


Version 13.1   4th December 2015


1.    QMeasure  - Cost Estimating/Plant Scheduling - This was slow (sometimes extremely) where lengthy and complex Measure/Ignore polygon arrangements were found in large drawings. Qscape code now optimised to improve speed (sometimes significantly) with such drawings. NB The “windows polygon” selection function within CAD’s engine can be slow, so the less the number of polygons and the less number of vertexes within polygons the better. Unusually BricsCAD is much slower than AutoCAD in this regard, therefore the process may still take around a minute for exceptional drawings.  Bricsys have been made aware of this performance differential and are working to fix the issue. (NB generally BricsCAD has a quicker engine than AutoCAD).


2.    Startup - New license key registration - Existing user checkbox (for faster registration with just an email address) moved to more visible location and highlighted yellow.



Version 13.0   12th November 2015

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2016 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       BricsCAD Pro/Platinum V12 to V16.



1.    BricsCAD V16 now supported.



1.    QPlants - Plant Data files editing – Improved the parsing methods of datafiles to allow more flexibility of editing of the data bases.  Plant Scheduling/QPlants generation is now more robust on the following levels:


i)            More flexibility with the allowable information for each plant. For instance for spacing type in Hedge Mixes, you don't need to write " in a " to obtain a the spacing type. eg "NATIVE HEDGE MIX 1 planted @ 6/m in a Double Staggered Row" could be "NATIVE HEDGE MIX 1 planted @ 6/m through 4 Staggered Rows". No requirement for "in a".


ii)           More spacing styles accepted eg 10cm centres, 100mm centers.  NB Hedges require the "?/m" style of spacing to calculate the plant quantities (due to their linear nature).


iii)          If Qscape doesn't parse the information correctly, instead of breaking the program - the offending plant/mix should still be displayed.  Albeit incorrectly with "??" in the fields.  This will alert the user to re-edit the offending item in the date file.


iv)          If the worse happens (and hopefully it wont now) and QMeasure/Qplants breaks – the Qscape error handler should now indicate the problematic plant data file/plant on the commandline using the following format to aid trouble shooting:


**************** QMeasure Crash analysis by Qscape ****************


 A problem occurred attempting to parse the "HEDGE MIXES" data file.

 The problematic mix is "SPECIAL NATIVE HEDGE MIX 2".


 Please re-edit the data file or contact Qscape if you require assistance.


**************** End Crash analysis by Qscape *******************


2.    Qplants – Find function - More robust pattern matching of multiline mtext (eg hedge/mix labels).  For instance manually edited ones contain "\\P" format characters, (manually added carriage returns), so they weren’t found.


3.    Licensing – Routines tweaked so to differentiate between QArb/Qscape license keys.


4.    QPlants/QMeasure – Find function - Fuzz factor added to the zoom, so zoomed in labels do not unhelpfully fill the entire screen.


5.    Startup – Splash screen uang on third party copyright notices which was distracting.




1.    Start up - Welcome Dialogue/Register Dialogue - "Contact Us" hyperlink was broken.


2.      AutoCAD - Start up - Local/Network network settings checks failed to alert user if network connection failed.





Version 12.3   10th July 2015


1.    QMeasure - Plant Schedule - Specification column - Truncation (where required) of specification column (to create multiple line specifications) now based on character count (60 characters) rather than word count (previously 6 words).  This creates a more even (and aesthetically better) specification column.



1.    QPlantPARTNER - Schedule Import - Was temporarily broken due to PlantPARTNER website update.  Qscape code not amended as a fix provided at PlantPARTNER side 3.7.15.  Included this in release notes for user information. 


2.    Start up - Licensing Dialogue - The "Paste License Key" button failed to enable the "Launch Qscape" button if a recognisable license key was manually entered by clicking on the license textbox.


3.    QMeasure - Plant Schedule Import - Tables - If the Table is to include the specification column.  Multiline specifications got corrupted and appeared in the wrong column.




Version 12.2   11th June 2015


1.    Start up - 64bit processors – When launching a third party arx/brx application, a harmless error message appeared on the commandline.



1.    Start up – License Key Request/Enter Dialogue - The "Paste License Key" button failed for some users because Qscape was unable to retrieve copied license key windows clipboard.  Code changed, improved error handling added and option to manually type/paste license key added.


2.    QSoft - Poly m2 Tab – Automatic offset - If enabled but distance is set to 0 – Polyline would disappear (rather than simply not offset).


3.    BricsCAD - QSettings - Metres/Millimetres - Rescale existing drawing - Plant Label Leaders became corrupted when rescaling from mm to m.


4.    BricsCAD - QSettings - Metres/Millimetres - Rescale existing drawing - Tables (eg new style Plant Schedules) became corrupted when rescaling. NB Tables are now exploded when rescaled.


Version 12.1   28th May 2015


1.    QPlants - PlantPARTNER - Product and Schedule Import failed due to PlantPARTNER website update.


2.    QPlants - Bamboos tab - The "Abbreviation" column visibility toggle failed.



Version 12.0   26th May 2015

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2016 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       BricsCAD Pro/Platinum v12 to v15.


1.    AutoCAD 2016 now supported.


2.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules – Font - Now imported using the same font as plant labels (rather than the utilitarian looking fixed width font "Lucida console").  See item 4, if old style schedule are required.


3.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules - Tables - Checkbox added to allow importing of plant schedules directly as Table entities. NB These are true tables but can be optionally exploded into their simple line and mtext entities.  This feature is unavailable for BricsCAD V13 or earlier.


4.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules - Legacy style checkbox - This imports plant schedules in the old style using Lucida Console font.  The schedule is an exact facsimile of the text file opened by pressing the "Review" button.  This style is recommended if a lot of manual editing is undertaken to the plant schedule prior to importing.



1.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules – Specification column/Compact style  - checkbox settings are now stored in the drawing, so do not have to continually be reset.



1.    Start up - Failed when in Paperspace where the cannoscale variable is set to "1'-0" = 1'-0"" and is read-only.


2.      QMeasure - Plant Schedules - Specification information was added to Mixes even if the "Include Specification" checkbox was unticked.



Version 11.0   18th November 2014

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2015 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       Bricscad Pro/Platinum v12 to v15.


1.    BricsCAD V15 now supported.


2.    BricsCAD V15 – Qscape CUI file – Ribbon – Qscape tab added.



1.    "QBaseplan" command – This brings in a demo layout for demos/training exercises. Some of the polyline gaps have been removed to better illustrate Pick Point concepts.


2.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules - Notes and abbreviations – (As appended to the bottom of plant schedules). Measuring program is now more discerning to which ones are added.


3.    QAbout – Qscape contact information updated with new phone number and layout refreshed.


4.    BricsCAD Only - QSettings - Optimise BricsCAD's settings (qconfigure) - Right Click of Mouse better optimised for BricsCAD.


1.    Start up - Splash screen - Flashed on/off too quickly, version/copyright message intermittently failed to appear, if user aborts they could be left stuck with a wait cursor.


2.      QMeasure - Plant Schedules - Notes and abbreviations  (As appended to the bottom of plant schedules)Automatic ones did not line up with user ones when the schedule was imported into the drawing.


3.    QSettings - QPlants - Label Style dialogue - Incorrect current font was shown in the Font combobox.


4.    QSettings - QPlants - Leader Style dialogue - Incorrect current leader shown in the combobox.



Version 10.1   8th August 2014


1.    Interactivity with Qscape website - new website necessitated url remap of Qscape's online forms. For instance "license key requests, support requests, contact, bug reports, update checks etc.


2.    QPlantPARTNER - Schedule/Product Import - Last Microsoft Windows update broke this functionality in Qscape. (Event Evoke property of controls now changed to synchronous).



Version 10.0   4th July 2014

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2015 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       Bricscad Pro/Platinum v11 to v14.


3.    AutoCAD 2015 now supported.


4.    QPlants - Favourites Tab - Major refresh to make the Favourite categories and Favourite Plants more visible and easily accessible.


5.    QPlants - Automatically resizes - The GUI now resizes itself to fit the information being displayed in order to maximise drawing space “real estate” and avoid the need to continually manually resize the form.  Docking has been sacrificed to gain this functionality as it was an either/or option and the resizing facility is more useful.


6.    QSoft/QHard/QPlants – Database backups – A precautionary backup of the previous version of the database (before editing for that day begun) is created in folder "My Qscape Documents/Backup".


7.    AutoCAD - Ribbon Interface added – Autodesk are now forcing the Ribbon interface onto their customers and consequently have removed the “Classic mode” switch from AutoCAD 2015.  Qscape toolbars and menu dropdown are still available for AutoCAD 2015 users who wish to recreate a toolbar/menu interface manually.


8.    QTools - "QCopy" button – This button complements the existing “QMove and “QErase” functions.  It only selects entities on Qscape layers for copying.


9.    New Linetype - "QLtype_066", replicates CAD's native zigzag linetype. Useful for certain types of fencing amongst other things.


10. QSoft/QHard - Qboundary button - Draws a boundary polyline on the private layer.   Essentially like the lasso feature minus the “pick tail”.


11. QSettings - QPlants Leader Start Points - Allows users to override Qscape automatically starting plant label leaders at the insert point of blocks eg Trees, climbers etc.  Useful for when the landscape layout is an xref, or the block insert points are in the wrong places.




5.    QSoft/QHard – Blocks Tab - Settings - Defining new blocks in the drawing - Error handler improved.


6.    QSoft/QHard - Layer Settings - Descriptions - Copying and pasting multi-line descriptions into the “Descriptions” textbox, broke the Settings dialogue, the next time it was launched.


7.    QSoft/QHard - Layer Settings - On initialise events are now more robust in case the program encounters unexpected something unexpected in the data file (such as a multiline description).


8.    QPlants - Palette Actions Dialogue Box - When clicking on a palette name to do an action - the name was highlighted and went into edit mode.  It should only do this when the "Rename" button is clicked.


9.    "Pickfirst" setting – setting would be reset to 0, if escaping out of "QMove" and "QErase" commands.   Error handler improved to reset “PickFirst” setting to user’s original setting.


10. QSoft/QHard - Drawing Mode - "Pick" renamed to "Swap".  The term "Swap" better describes what happens and less likely cause confusion with “Point”.


11. QSettings - Metres/Millimetres Change Existing Drawing - Viewport zoom factors are unow pdated even if their "display locked" property is set to True.


12. QPlants - "Used/All" label/toggle – the label is now coloured green when set to "All" and red when set to "Used".


13. QPlants - Drawing Scale – Combobox now replaced with a clickable label and moved to top of QPlants.


14. QPlants - Draw Private Line, Bed Divison Line buttons - QPoly2 Toolbar now appears along with layer information in the same way it does with QSoft.


15. BricsCAD - QSettings - Set Drawing Units - References to AutoCAD in text removed.



5.    BricsCAD V14 - QSettings - "Metre/Millimetres - Change existing drawing" - Leaders became corrupted when rescaling from  millimetres to metres.


6.      Startup - If using an unsupported version of BricsCAD, an error message failed to appear.


7.    BricsCAD V14 - QHard/QSoft - Adding hatches using Pick Point methods.  Where there are Mtext islands - hatch would be incorrectly made invisible when using Qscape hatch boundary visibility functions.   This is due to a bug in BricsCAD V14 (as tested on 14.2.09) and has been reported to Bricsys.  Patch added to Qscape in the meantime.


8.    QSettings - Qscape Layer Prefix - Some delimiter characters eg "@" "#" caused QMeasure and certain other functions to fail because they are also recognised as "wildcard" characters by CAD.  They have now been removed from the list of available delimiters.


9.    BricsCAD - QPlants Settings - Label Content - Toggling constituent plants in Mix labels within drawing. Some of the longer mix labels would be deleted when removing the constituent plants from labels.


10. QPlantPARTNER - Schedule Import was broken further to format changes to PlantPARTNER Website.


11. QPlantPARTNER - Header instructions when "Import into Qscape" button is not available updated to reflect changes to PlantPARTNER website.



Version 9.3   11th March 2014


1.    Windows Server – Qscape’s hkey current user registry hive now supports roaming.   This is to optimise Qscape for Citrix environments (where users “roam” across multiple servers using the same Windows profile).


3.    QBlocks - Further to the removal of the QBlocks Library from the "My Qscape Documents" folder in V9.2.  The relevant folder "Qscape Blocks" was sometimes not removed/renamed when switching to "network" mode.


Version 9.2   21st February 2014


12. QMeasure - Key/Legend - Checkbox added to allow either entity descriptions or partial layer name to be used in the key.


13. QMeasure - Key/Legend – Checkbox added to allow conversion of text to uppercase.



14. Four new hatch boundary visibility commands to enhance the existing hatch boundary visibility buttons. (These are command line only).

i)  "qsoft_hb_on" - Makes just QSoft hatch boundaries visible.

ii) "qsoft_hb_off - makes just Qsoft hatch boundaries invisible.

iii) "qhard_hb_on" - Makes just QHard hatch boundaries visible.

iv) "qhard_hb_off - makes just QHard hatch boundaries invisible.



16. QMeasure - Key/Legends – Order - Soft landscape elements now (rightly) appear before hard landscape elements in the key.


17. QBlocks -  The block library is now removed from the "My Qscape Documents" folder and has become part of the core Qscape program.   The reason for this is to reduce the "My Qscape Documents" folder size from approximately 37Mb to approximately 2Mb.  The thousands of blocks were adding unwanted “bloat” to the "My Qscape Documents" folder when it is meant to be highly portable for easy sharing.  It will also improve login speeds for Cloud/Citrix environments as Qscape now has a much smaller Windows roaming profile presence. Unfortunately there is a small downside - it is now not possible now to write new files to QBlocks.   If this is something you have been doing a backup of your blocks will be found in a Windows folder called "QBlocks Depreciated v9.2" adjacent to the "My Qscape Documents" folder in the Qscape Application Data folder on the local drive and the network (if applicable) too.  This folder can be deleted after removing any blocks you wish to retain.


18. QPlants -  When QPlants is undocked – its now not necessary to continually scroll to see the previously selected plant.


12. QPlants - PlantPARTNER - Schedule Import into Qscape failed due to changes on PlantPARTNER website.


13. BricsCAD V14 - QSettings - Optimise BricsCAD Settings – Change Model space to Black option failed due BricsCAD’s "bkgcolor" setting modifications.


14. QPlants - Adding Mix labels to a drawing - the right-click repeat didn't show the constituent species in the label (when using that setting).


15. QMeasure - Key/Legend - For block entities - the partial layername was used in the key rather than the entity's description (where defined).


16. QSoft - Poly m2 tab - Settings button - Tooltip was incorrectly displaying "QSoft Hatch Settings".


Version 9.1   12th January 2014


4.    QSettings - Drawing Plot Scale - Change existing entities - Dialogue box would not initiate if a suffix has been added to all plant label layers.


5.      QPlants - Plant Mixes Databases - Adding a Plant Mix label to a drawing failed, if there were empty space characters after the Mix spacing.


6.      QPlants - PlantPARTNER - Product Import into Qscape - Plant Column Errors appeared due to changes to the PlantPARTNER website.



Version 9.0   6th November 2013

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2014 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       BricsCAD Pro/Platinum v11 to v14.


2.    BricsCAD V14 now supported.


7.    QMeasure/QSettings - Plant Schedule Running Order - User defined default running order was reset to factory setting when starting a new drawing.


8.      Quick Plant ("QP" Command line function) - Error message appeared if the QPlants GUI was not also active.



Version 8.5   6th September 2013


1.    Citrix only – “QCitrix_Optimise” command – this now turns off the osnap "Extension" setting (if enabled).  This osnap setting was proving too resource intensive and often causing AutoCAD to crash.


1.    QPlants - QPlantPARTNER - Product import failed due to PlantPARTNER website update.  Schedule import was unaffected.


2.      QSoft - Poly M2 tab - Automatic offset - Closed polylines drawn in a clockwise direction wrongly offset outwards rather than inwards. (Regression added v8.4)


3.    QPlants - Hedges tab - Swapping one hedge species for another by clicking on a hedge label - The measurement unit "m" as in "26m Vib tin Hedge" wrongly changed to "m2".


4.    QMeasure - Key/Legend tab - When rolling up the dialogue box - it would become truncated when rolled down again.



Version 8.4   31st July 2013


15. "QLicense" command  - Launches Qscape with forced display of Qscape's "Welcome" dialogue box to allow the entering of new license keys. (Command line only).


16. "QRegister" command - Launches Qscape with forced display of Qscape's "Welcome" dialogue box with the "Register for License Key" button enabled. (Command line only).


17. Registering for a license key – Can now register directly from the Qscape interface over the internet. (NB Launch Email client option is now removed).


18. Registering for a license key - “I am an existing client” checkbox added to the dialogue box.  This allows existing users to quickly register using just their email address rather than re-entering their data again.


19. QSoft/QHard - Block Settings - "Redefine Block" button added (under the Block Preview control).  This feature allows Qscape block definitions to be quickly redefined rather than deleted and re-added to the database.


19. “Welcome” dialogue – Redesigned.  Key amendments are as follows:


                                                                       i.    Simpler interface with more prominent “Launch Qscape” button.

                                                                     ii.    Message changed when there is 30 days or less to run to make it clearer that you can still use the software without entering a license key.

                                                                    iii.    Server/Computer name shown in the title bar.  This is particularly useful for Cloud/Citrix environments when entering server specific license keys.



20. QSoft - Poly M2 tab – Using "Pick" drawing mode - automatic offset option added as per "Draw" and "Point" drawing modes.


21. QSoft/QHard - Hatch tab – Using "Pick" drawing mode -update hatch origin/angle option added as per "Draw" and "Point" drawing modes.


22. QSoft/QHard - Block Settings - Define Block actions simplified.  User now simply selects objects out of the current drawing to make the desired block definition.  (There are now no other options).


23. BricsCAD only - QPlants - Dialogue box failed to resize to its last known size when "escape" is pressed when adding a plant.



17. QMeasure - Cost Estimates - Export to Excel - Function returned an error if none of the landscape items within a drawing had a maintenance cost rate allocated to them.


18.   QSoft - Favourites tab - "3 Lines" and "Extrude" tablet buttons served no purpose and so are now removed.


19. BricsCAD V13 only - QPlants - When adding a plant to the drawing and cancelling (pressing “Escape”) - the dialogue box "seized up" and it was necessary to relaunch.


20. QPlants - Settings - Palette Actions - Upload to Dropbox - Function failed if QDropbox had not been already launched in the drawing session.


21. QPlants - PlantPARTNER - Plant/Schedule Import - When importing topiary specimen plants - the plant sizings/spacings were incorrect.




Version 8.3   13th June 2013


1.      AutoCAD 2014 only - First time installations - Typing "qscape" on the command line failed due to Autodesk moving  “ApplicationPlugins" folder from “c:/Program Files...” “c:/ProgramData...”  NB command worked if a legacy copy of AutoCAD 2012 remained on the pc.


Version 8.2   8th June 2013


1.    Cloud/Citrix environment - "QCITRIX_OPTIMISE" – command line only function that optimises AutoCAD's settings for Citrix working based on Autodesk's recommendations found at http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=16755552&linkID=9240617 (and personal observations).


2.    Cloud/Citrix environment - "QCITRIX_UNOPTIMISE" - command line only function that optionally reverts AutoCAD's settings back to AutoCAD's default settings after using the “QCITRIX_OPTIMISE” command.


1.    Qsettings - Local/Network mode - In network mode - Target “My Qscape Documents” folder's write permissions are now checked before Qscape attempts to connect to it.  If Qscape doesn't have necessary write permissions to connect to the folder - a warning message is displayed and Qscape reverts back to “local” mode rather than Qscape attempting to connect to the folder and throwing an error.


1.      QPlants - Label Content Settings - Swapping label modes from a non default label mode such as "Quantity and Full Name" to the default "Quantity and Abbreviation" - the labels’ extended entity was not deleted causing unexpected results when swapping back to a non default label  mode, assuming the label had been manually edited or "Find and Replace" plant labels function had been used. (Regression added in V8.0).


Version 8.1   24th May 2013


1.    BricsCAD V13 (64 bit version) - With some users, Qscape would think its unlicensed due to the Bricscad x64 lisp engine being true 64 bit software and therefore handling large integers differently.  NB This difference in behaviour is not a bad reflection of BricsCAD x64, quite the opposite, it tells us that AutoCAD x64’s lisp engine is surprisingly only 32 bit enabled. 


Version 8.0   16th May 2013

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2014 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       Bricscad Pro/Platinum v11 to v13.


1.    AutoCAD 2014 now supported.


3.    BricsCAD V13 – Support for 64 bit version.


4.    AutoCAD – 32 bit software now supported on 64 bit pc.  (Not recommended, added for continuity reasons with BricsCAD).


5.    QPlants - New button - QLeader_Reattach  - This button (at bottom of the dialogue box) reattaches leaders to Qscape plant labels if they become unattached.



1.    "Welcome" dialogue - "Register for License Key" form.  Clarification added for users who are using web-based email clients such as gmail, yahoo etc.  (They need to save the form as a text file and email it separately).


2.    QSoft/QHard - Lassoo function - Speed enhancements.  (Designed to reduce lag times in Cloud/Citrix environments, but regular users will benefit too.)


3.    QSoft/QHard - "Pick Point" drawing modes - Speed enhancements. (Designed to reduce lag times in Cloud/Citrix environments, but regular users will benefit too.)


4.    QMeasure - Cost Estimates/Plant Schedules - export to CSV - If Excel isn't accessible to the user - Qscape creates a ".csv" (comma separated values) file instead. CSV files can be opened by Excel or other database packages.  (Designed for Cloud/Citrix Environments where Microsoft Office may not be installed on the relevant server.)


1.    QMeasure - Cost Estimating - If the "Public" or "Private" Modes have been used to draw landscape entities - The generated cost estimate section called "SOFT LANDSCAPE IMPLEMENTATION FOR PUBLIC AREAS" would be mis-named "SOFT LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE FOR PUBLIC AREAS".  This had the added side-effect of causing the export cost estimate to Excel function to crash.


2.    QSettings - Plant Schedule Running Order – If changing the plant schedule running order and having the “set as default” checkbock ticked.   The dialogue would crash when “Apply” is pressed and the default is not changed.  (Although the running order would be updated for the active drawing).


3.    BricsCAD V13 only - QPlants - Automatic Background Mask - failed.


4.    BricsCAD V13 only - QPlants - Plant labelling - failed when not using the default label content mode of "Quantity and Abbreviation".


5.    Cloud/Citrix Environments - Start up - It was necessary to press "enter" on the command line half way through Qscape's startup to finish the process.


6.    QPlants - Label Content Settings - Swapping label modes - for instance from "Quantity and Full Name" to "Quantity and Abbreviation" - function failed where plant labels had been manually created or edited and a new line feed format character (user pressed enter) was used.  This also affected the Plant Scheduling program as it failed to read manually edited labels which had more than one line.  For instance Plant Mix labels.  (Regression added v7.0).


7.    BricsCAD only - Plant Label leaders - Leaders would detach from plant labels when not working in the default "Plant Label Content" mode of "Quantity and Abbreviation" when the label was updated for instance by changing mode or using "Find and Replace plants" or "+1".


8.    QMeasure - Export Plant Schedule to Excel - If the "Form" column in the Trees database is not being used. The "Girth/Height" and "Specification" information appeared in the wrong columns in Excel.


9.    QSoft/QHard - Settings buttons - Tooltips were incorrect.




Version 7.1   22nd March 2013


1.    QMeasure - Key/Legend tab - Checkbox to control inclusion/exclusion of entities within "Ignore" polygons.



1.    QSoft/QHard Hatch boundary visibility/invisibility functions - speed improvements.  Will be more noticeable in large drawings.



1.    QMeasure - Make Plant Schedule / QSettings - Plant Schedule Running Order - Occasionally the running order got corrupted if working on legacy drawing and only "Bulb/Wildflower Mixes" and "Aquatic/Marginal Mixes" would be the only items measured.  As these categories are not widely used it appeared plant scheduling was failing completely.  This could be fixed by going into QSettings - Plant Schedule Running Order and pressing the "Reset to factory settings" button and then "Apply".  However after this update - this issue shouldn't arise again.


2.    QMeasure - Make Cost Estimate/Make Plant Schedule - If a cost estimate/plant schedule was generated whilst in paperspace, entities enclosed by "Ignore" lines were still measured.


3.    BricsCAD only – QMeasure – Make Cost Estimate - Entities which were intersected by "Ignore" polygons were incorrectly ignored by the measuring program. (Entities should be 100% within "Ignore" polygons to be ignored).



Version 7.0   7th March 2013

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2010 to 2013 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       Bricscad Pro/Platinum v11 to v13.


1.    BricsCAD V13 now supported. (Version 13.1.20 and later).


2.    AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD 2009 and BricsCAD V10 – not supported.  This is due to logistical issues and lack of demand.  Refer to email circular issued 27th November 2012.


3.    QMeasure - Plant Schedule tab - New error checking "traffic light" added.  The traffic light works as follows:


·                  Shows "red" if a plant schedule could not be created and gives the reason why.


·                  Shows "amber" if a plant schedule could be created but unmeasured plant labels were found in the drawing. The labels wont be measured if a match for the plant abbreviation could not be found in the plant palette.  This is because the label has been incorrectly manually edited or the abbreviation has been changed/removed in the plant database.


·                  Shows "green" if a plant schedule was created without any known issues.


4.    QMeasure - Plant Schedule tab - New error fixing tools.  The new tools are:


·                  "Textbox" buttons – put/remove textboxes around unrecognised plant labels in the drawing so they can be easily identified.


·                  "Zoom" buttons – zoom/unzoom to unrecognised plant labels.



5.    "QCheckLabels" -  New function (command line only) to check for manual edits of plant labels (if not using default "Quantity + Abbreviation" label content mode).  Procedure is not fail-safe and should only be used as a last resort.  Plant labels should not be manually edited if using the non-default label content mode because they contain hidden extended entity data and therefore cannot be treated as simple Multiline Text CAD entitites.


1.    QSoft/QHard - Hatches - Qscape now leaves CAD's "measurement" variable unchanged.  The variable governs the scaling of native hatches in CAD.  (Qscape hatches are not affected, by this variable).  Changing the variable sometimes caused inconsistent (native) hatch scales in drawings when worked on by Qscape and non-Qscape CAD stations.


2.    QPlants/QSettings – Plant Label Content Setting - Warning regarding editing plant labels in non-default mode made clearer and a small "help" button added to give further information.


3.    Bricscad v11 only - QSoft/QHard Hatch tab settings - Hatch preview message changed from "Hatch Previews available soon" to "Hatch Previews are available for Bricscad V12 onwards".



4.    Start_Up – Further enhancements to CAD platform compatibility checks with message boxes and more options if the CAD platform is incompatible.


5.    QSoft/QHard Settings + QBlocks - Block Previews background colours set to reflect the colour of model space/paper space as relevant.


1.    QMeasure - Plant Schedule tab - Error listbox - Mtext format characters appeared in the Error listbox if the plant labels had been manually reformatted eg italics added.  This was particularly noticeable in AutoCAD 2012 where the format characters appeared even if the mtext had been manually edited without changing the format.  (This is due to a bug in Autocad 2012).


2.    QMeasure - Cost Estimates tab - Typo in the generated cost estimate stated "GRAND TOTAL FOR SOFTWORKS EXCLUDING MAINTENANCE" should have read "GRAND TOTAL FOR SOFTWORKS INCLUDING MAINTENANCE".


3.    QTools - QDropbox - Uploading files to cloud - vbscript Message Box failed to initiate to alert user that the upload has finished. (The upload still worked though).


4.    QPlants - Plant Mixes, Aquatic/Marginal Mixes, Bulb/Wildflower Mixes tabs - Plant pick events failed when QPlants was in "USED" mode (showing only plants used in the drawing). (Regression added in v6.7).


5.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules tab - duplicate sections of the newly created "Aquatic/Marginal Mixes" and "Wildflower/Bulb Mixes" plant groups appeared in the newly generated plant schedules.


6.    Bricscad only - Bug where by empty spaces appeared in Bricscad file support path.  This did not affect Bricscad operation, but was bad practice.


7.    Bricscad only - Bug where by sometimes Bricscad Help did not work because the Help folder was omitted from the file support paths.  Qscape now checks for the folder on startup and if it cannot be found - adds it to the file support paths.


8.    QPlantPARTNER - Schedule Import - failed due to changes to PlantPARTNER website.


9.    Bricscad only - QSoft/QHard Settings + QBlocks - Block previews did not work if CAD’s model space colour was set to white.


Version 6.11   17th January 2013


1.    QMeasure - Make Plant Schedules - If not using the default "Quantity and Abbreviation" mode for plant labels' display state - if the plant schedule measuring program did not recognise the plant abbreviation (for instance if the plant label abbreviation has been incorrectly manually edited or the abbreviation name has been changed in the plant database since creating the planting plan) - the label/abbreviation did not appear in the "non-recognised plant label list" on the "Plant Schedule" tab even though it was not measured.


Version 6.10   16th January 2013


1.    Qscape updates - Procedure failed for those using Qscape versions older than v6.2.


Version 6.9   14th January 2013


1.    QPlants - "Find and Replace Plant labels" - The "Replace" function continually returned the message that it cannot replace the chosen plant label.



Version 6.8   3rd January 2013


1.    QPlantPARTNER - With apologies, the Schedule Import fix introduced in v6.7 continued to fail.


Version 6.7   14th December 2012


1.    QPlants - Plant/Hedge Mix Labels - Option to include the Mix's constituent plants/quantities with in the actual plant label on the drawing.  This function is accessed via a new checkbox in QPlants - Settings - "Label Content".


2.    QPlants - Two new plant tabs added - "Aquatic/Marginal Mixes" and "Bulb/Wildflower Mixes". NB They are turned off by default and can be turned on in QPlants>Settings.


3.    QMeasure - Plant Schedule Tab – Compact Plant Schedules option - Checkbox added to allow creation of compact plant schedules.  This is useful if there is a shortage of space in a drawing.


1.    QMeasure- Cost Estimating - Speed improvements.  This will be more noticeable on large drawings.


2.    First time installations - do not require drag and drop of "Start Qscape.lsp" into the CAD screen.  Simply type "qscape" onto CAD's command line after running the installer.


3.    Installer - now "Microsoft Authenticode signed" – this is to prevent disparaging Windows messages when downloading/launching the Qscape installer.


4.    Installer - graphics now personalised to Qscape.


5.    Start_Up - Qscape now checks that a supported CAD version is being used and warns user if the current CAD is not supported (rather that throwing an error).


1.    QPlantPARTNER - Schedule/Plant import failed – This was due to PlantPARTNER website updates.


2.    QMeasure - Cost Estimating - Client drawings with large number of drawing entities associated with each other in "Groups" caused the measuring program to crash.


Version 6.6   9th October 2012


1.    QDropbox - Uploading files to the Cloud failed because Dropbox changed their site and made it more secure.


2.    Bricscad only - Occasionally when relaunching Qscape - user would be alerted that Qscape is missing a vital component and please re-download it. (Restarting Bricscad would solve the issue).  Please report if this issue continues to occur.


3.    QAbout - A few button tooltips such as "Pdf User Manual" and "File a Support Request" were incorrect.




Version 6.5   30th August 2012


1.    QTools - "QScalebar" button - Adds correctly sized scale bars to the paperspace of a drawing.


1.    QPlants - Hedges - Spacing information in the database is now optional.  This is useful for non standard hedging such as an Instant Hedge, where perhaps you only want a length measurement.


2.    QPlants – Column Header tablet buttons - eg Abbr, Name, Spacing etc – Fore colour now made darker - so easier to read on Windows XP operating systems.


1.    QPlants - Find and Replace Plant Labels - Tree Labels did not appear in the plant filter Dropdown boxes (when using the "Trees" group filter).


2.    QPlants - Succulents tab - selecting succulents actually brought in plants from bulbs/wildflowers database rather than the succulents database.


3.    QHard - "Draw Edge Line", "Draw Dashed Edge Line" and "Draw Private Line" buttons drew the polylines on the current layer rather than the correct layer.



Version 6.4   17th July 2012


1.    QTools - QDropbox - (new button on toolbar with little blue box) - This a "Cloud" based file sharing service through Qscape's Dropbox Account (which has been set up specifically for this purpose).  QDropbox allows you to share files over the "Cloud". There is no need to zip files up before uploading as Qscape automatically puts a zip wrapper around the files before uploading. A unique download code is generated which allows others to download the files.  QDropbox is also designed to allow the automated export/import of Qscape’s "My Qscape Documents" folder and Plant Palettes (for instance with a subconsultant using Qscape). 


2.    QSettings - My Qscape Documents - Export/Import – This is a new dialogue that allows the export/import of your “My Qscape Documents” folder as a zip file (for emailing etc) or alternatively over the Cloud using the technology in QDropbox (see item 1).


3.    QPlants - Settings - Palette Actions - "Upload palette to Dropbox" and "Download palette from Dropbox" buttons added.


4.    QMeasure – Costings hedge quantitification – An option has been added to the cost estimate settings to allow the calculation of hedge quantities from plant labels (rather than closed polylines). This option should only be used once plant labels have been added to a drawing. It is useful for smaller planting schemes where a small discrepancy between the hedge quantities in cost estimates and the plant schedule maybe noticeable.


5.    QMeasure - Quantities/Costs Tab - Exporting Cost Estimates to Excel - On the pre-export dialogue there is now a checkbox to allow the suppression of item numbering in Excel cost estimates.  This is useful if you are doing a lot of copy and pasting and manual adjustments to the Excel document and don’t want it pre-numbered.



1.    QPlants - Hedges - the estimated of hedge lengths (when derived from the perimeter of a closed polyline) has been tweaked. NB The function assumes hedge beds have a width of between 0.8m to 1.2m.


2.    QMeasure – Costings - hedge quantification  - The quantities are now derived in the same way as when inputting hedge labels with the same "rounding up".  This should reduce discrepancies in hedge quantities between Plant Schedules and Cost estimates (when not using the calculate hedge quantities from plant labels option (see item 4 above).


3.    QPlants - Running osnaps/esnaps are automatically suppressed when adding plant labels to the drawing.


4.    QSettings – “QPlants - Palette Actions” can now be accessed from the QSettings dialogue (as well as from QPlants) for continuity reasons.


5.    QBlocks - Dialogue given a minor refresh (checkboxes replaced with tablet style buttons) as recently undertaken with the other Qscape GUI’s.



1.    Startup splash screen - If using Qscape in "Network" mode and the "My Qscape Documents" folder cannot be found  - Qscapes startup "splash" screen failed to close.


2.    QPlants - Settings - Palette Actions – When importing a plant palette - the "Select Palette files" dialogue did not work properly.


3.    QBlocks - Adding Block to the library - When adding a block to the library using the "Select a drawing file" option.  If a file wasn't selected - the QBlocks dialogue would disappear and not reappear until Qscape was relaunched.




Version 6.3   13th June 2012


1.    QPoly2 Toolbar - Osnap and Ortho Toggle buttons added - This is the toolbar that  automatically pops up when drawing polylines from QSoft and QHard. 



1.    QSoft/QHard – Point Mode - Osnap is now temporarily suppressed when using "point" mode (this also applies when drawing lassoos).


2.    Program Startup – The current drawing’s linear Units setting (“lunits” variable) is automatically set to decimal (2).



1.    QSettings - Local/Network Settings - Copying the local folder "My Qscape Documents" to a shared network folder - Progress bar would show a not responding message.  Progress Bar is now removed as it was confusing and could cause user to press "escape" and break the routine, causing an incomplete copy of "My Qscape Documents" to be made which could subsequently cause Qscape operation issues.


2.    QSettings - Local/Network Settings - Copying Network folder of "My Qscape Documents" to the local folder - The folder was not copied.


3.    QSoft/QHard - Blocks Tab - "Angle"  Button - When depressed, it did not give the user the option to define the block angle when inputting a (non-defined) block for the first time. (It worked correctly for already defined blocks).


4.    Bricscad Pro v12 only - QSlope - The "QSlope" function (on QSoft and QHard) failed due to a minor bug in Bricscad v12 (tested on 12.2.5). Patch added (and bug reported to Bricsys).


5.    Windows XP only - QSoft and QHard - Certain tablet buttons such as "Description", "multi", "offset", "angle" were almost invisible. (Regression added in v6.0).



Version 6.2   8th May 2012


1.    QTools Toolbar - "QFlatten" button added.  This functions flattens (Z values and elevations) of all entities in a drawing.  It differs from other “flattening” routines because it retains the hatch associativity and label/leader associativity of entities.  It also flattens to the World UCS XY plane rather than the current view plane.   NB It does not flatten entities nested in blocks and xrefs.


1.    QSettings - "Metre/Millimetres - Change existing drawing" - This function now closes the dialogue down prior to resizing the drawing (instead of hanging there, whilst the drawing is being rescaled).  The user is now alerted when the resizing has finished.


2.    QSettings - "Qscape's Default Layer settings" dialogue box - There is now an opportunity to add a Line Scale for default layers such as "Bed Division" polylines.


3.    Bricscad only - QSettings - "Qscape's Default Layer settings" dialogue box - The Linetype and LineWeight select columns have been improved to be the same as those in QHard/QSoft Settings.  


1.    QSoft - List Contents Toggle - Failed to toggle the list contents on the "Poly m2" tab.


2.    QSoft/QHard - Blocks Tab - "Angle"  Button - When depressed, it did not give the user the option to define the block angle when inputting a (non-defined) block for the first time. (It worked correctly for already defined blocks).


3.    QSoft/QHard - Draw Polyline Buttons - eg “Draw Bed Division Line” - Reset the drawing's "Ltscale" variable rather than "CeLtscale" variable.  This resulted in all polylines to regenerate temporarily when drawing a polyline.  This was more noticible when drawing in mm with complex polylines.  This also slowed down the drawing.


4.    QSoft/QHard - All Tabs - ListBox pick - When clicking on a listbox to select an entity to add to the drawing, if an empty line was selected - a CAD error message appeared.  NB If an entity has previously been selected (and is therefore already highlighted in the listbox)- clicking on a blank line simply causes the already highlighted entity to be inputted in to the drawing.



Version 6.1   26th April 2012


1.    QMeasure – New tab - Key/Legend Tab. This is a new tab added to QMeasure which allows the automatic generation of keys/legends based upon the Qscape entities used in a drawing.



1.    The default Qscape layers "QD-Text" and "QD-Text-Plant Schedule" (which are the allocated layer names for imported schedules) can now have their layer properties eg colour changed in QSettings>Qscape's Default Layer Settings.


2.    QSoft/QHard - Hatches - Hatching is now faster in large sized drawings.



1.    QPlants - Settings - Plant Label Content - Changing the Plant Label content from the default (Quantity + Abbreviation) failed for plant abbreviations beginning with "N" eg Nymphaea 'Gonnère' would fail. (Luckily there appears to be very few plants beginning with "N", which is probably why this bug has remained undetected for so long!).


2.    QSoft/QHard - Hatches - When drawing hatches with the "Angle" button/checkbox pressed to specify the hatch origin and direction. If "Escape" is pressed the wrong Qscape Error handler was activated and the dialogue boxes didnot revert back to their original states.


3.    QSoft - Hatch tab - "Adjust Hatch origin/angle" and "Match Hatch origin/angle" buttons - did not make QSoft temporarily invisible (like for QHard) when pressed. (This is done to aid viewability when selecting items in the drawing).


4.    "QTools" toolbar - "QJoin" - This function is a quick and easy way to join polylines, you simply select all the polylines/lines in one and the routine does the rest.  This routine failed in Bricscad v11 and v10.  Additionally there is an inbuilt fuzz factor so polylines do not have to be "snapped" together. This fuzz factor did not work properly when drawing in mm.  NB Fuzz factor was introduced in Bricscad v12, so with previous versions of Bricscad - the polylines still need to be snapped together.


5.    AutoCAD 2011 onwards only - QSoft/QHard - Hatching – The AutoCAD system variable “hplayer” (introduced in AutoCAD 2011), would override the fill layer of Qscape hatches (if set to a value other than default).


6.    QMeasure - Measure and Ignore Polygons did not work if their "linetype generation" property was retrospectively enabled by the user.


Version 6.0   16th April 2012

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2008 to 2013 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       Bricscad Pro/Platinum v10 to v12.


1.    AutoCAD 2013 now supported.


2.    QHard/QSoft  interfaces refreshed.  NB - The “Toolbar” checkbox has been removed.  This setting can be accessed in QSettings – “QSoft/QHard – Show QPoly toolbar”.


3.    QSoft – Now (optionally) includes “Descriptions” (like QHard).  You can now give fuller descriptions to soft landscape entities rather than just a layer name.


4.    QSoft – Now includes a “List Contents Toggle” (like QHard).  You can now quickly toggle what is shown in the listboxes on each tab (eg “Hatch”, “Poly M2” etc).  The values are:


                                                                    iv.    “All” – Shows all design entities defined in Qscape’s database.

                                                                     v.    “Checked” – Shows only the design entities which have a tick in the checkbox in the “Show/Hide” column in the settings of the relevant tab eg “Hatch”.

                                                                    vi.    “Defined” – Only shows those entities that are already defined in the drawing (they may not exist, but the layer is defined).

                                                                   vii.    “Used” – Only shows those entities that are physically in the drawing.


5.    Bricscad only – QHard/QSoft – Hatch Settings – Hatch previews now supported at long last!  (NB Bricscad v12.1.22 or later is required for the hatch previews to function).


6.    QHard/QSoft  - “Edge Line 2” button added to complement the “Edge Line” button.  This draws a dashed edge line where a continuous line is perhaps inappropriate.  An example of its use – could be perhaps to delineate between mowing regimes in a grass area where a formal edge may not be required.



1.    IMPORTANT CHANGE – Qmeasure - Ignore Polygons – QMeasure ignores Qscape entities enclosed by “Ignore” polygons (polylines on layer “QD-Ignore”).  Previously if the polygons were on an “off” or “frozen” layer – enclosed entities were still ignored by QMeasure.  Now polygons must be on an “unfrozen” or “on” layer for them to work. This is to give more flexibility when measuring complex landscape drawings, so the Ignore polygons can be toggled between frozen and unfrozen layers as required.


2.    QMeasure - Ignore Polygons - Now support multiple layers.  As long as the Ignore polygon is on a layer beginning with the prefix “QD-Ignore”. For instance you can put polygons on layers “QD-Ignore”, “QD-Ignore 1”, “QD-Ignore Phase 2” etc.


3.    QHard and QSoft Settings - The grids showing the properties of each item - The row heights have been increased. (In Windows 7 - the previous row heights were too cramped, to comfortably read).


4.    QHard and QSoft Favourites - Adding/Removing Favourite Items - A superfluous "greyed-out" label removed from the dialogue.


5.    QHard and QSoft Settings - Properties and Cost grids now have their own tab.  “Edit Costs” button now removed.


6.    Bricscad only - QHard Settings - Description Textbox background incorrectly appeared black, making it difficult to read.



1.    QHard - "Poly M" tab settings - The name column in the properties grid was editable when it shouldn’t have been.


2.    Bricscad only - QPlants  Settings - Typo fixed. "Bulbs/Aquatics" checkbox now renamed "Bulbs/Wildflowers".


3.    QPlantPARTNER - Importing some bulbous plants eg Allium “Purple Sensation” into Qscape caused the text "!!!!SELECTED GROUP!!!!" to incorrectly appear in the Specification column.


4.    QPlants - "Add" button -  When retrospectively adding blocks to an existing plant label.  The polylines connecting the blocks were drawn on the current layer, rather than the same layer as the plant label.


5.    AutoCAD 2011 onwards only - QSoft/QHard - Hatching – The AutoCAD system variable “hplayer” (introduced in AutoCAD 2011), would override the fill layer of Qscape hatches (if set to a value other than default).


6.    QHard – Tab Settings – Description Textbox – If deleting a “description” and leaving the textbox blank – An entity’s description was not updated/removed.


7.    QPlants – Error handling bugs fixed. Sometimes when inputting a plant label and then pressing “escape” caused the dialogue box to seize up.


Version 5.2   3rd February 2012


1.    QPlantPartner - Importation of a single plant into Qscape failed after format changes were made to the Product pages on the PlantPARTNER website 30.1.12.



Version 5.1   31st January 2012


1.    QPlantPartner - Importation of user’s PlantPARTNER Schedules into Qscape failed after format changes were made to the Schedule pages on the PlantPARTNER website 30.1.12.


2.    QPlants – Favourite Categories - Quick Plants – When using the quick access method (“QP” on commandline) – The categories  - Trees, Palms and Climbers did not work correctly. (Regression added in v5.0)


3.    QAbout - "Check for updates" - If an update is available the download link in the message box was out of date. 


4.    QPlants – Plant number calculations - Routine to calculate the area of a closed polyline to calculate plant numbers has been rewritten in an attempt to fix an intermittant area calculation bug in Bricscad.


5.    Non-orthographical view warning - The blue popup warning that appears to warn users that the drawing view is not orthographical - sometimes appeared when the view was actually ok. (Regression added in v5.0)


6.    “Qfixview" command -  The command did not satisfactorily change a view to a plan view, if a non World UCS was used. (Regression  added in v5.0)



Version 5.0   17th November 2011

Supported CAD versions

·       AutoCAD 2008 to 2012 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·       Bricscad Pro/Platinum v10 to v12.


1.    Support for Bricscad Pro/Platinum v12 added.


2.    QPlants – Settings – Palette Actions – “New” button – This button creates a new empty plant palette.  This is useful when creating plant palettes from scratch using the PlantPARTNER interoperability.


3.    3D view popup warning - Qscape is a 2D package, it only draws in 2D. Occasionally a third party drawing is set up for 3D work and the view may be non-planar/non orthographical to the drawing (even though it looks like it is).  Not using a true plan can cause CAD to behave strangely, for instance juddery curser or strange behaviour when manipulating a polylines grips, it can also cause entities to be drawn in a completely different place from where you think you are drawing them.  A popup warning now appears when drawing Qscape entities in a 3D view and tells the user how to fix the view (see below).


4.    New commands – “QFixview” and “QFixview_undo” - QFixview switches a drawing’s view to a 2D planar view.  QFixview_undo restores the previous view used prior to using the command QFixview.


1.    Qscape start-up - CAD's "elevation" setting set to 0.0.  This is in case of using a legacy drawing from a third party where the elevation value has been changed.

2.    Qscape start-up – CAD’s “osnapz” value set to 1 - This means when using osnap is used to draw polylines and they are snapped to points with a non zero z value, the polyline is still drawn at the drawings current elevation (0.0, unless changed).

3.    Qscape start-up – “Snap” is turned off by default.

4.    QPlants - Favourites - Adding/Removing Favourites dialogue – Whole interface improved and a few bugs fixed.

5.    QPlantPartner - Import plant/schedule button -  displays the Qscape Palette name into which PlantPartner plants/schedule will be imported into.

6.    QPlants – Interface improved - Plant column views, “Multi” and “Background mask” checkboxes replaced with “clickable” labels.

7.    Bricscad’s floating “Prompt” menu - Now supressed (if turned on) when adding a plant label to a drawing. (See “Promptmenu” setting).


1.    QPlants – Settings – Palette Actions - Export and import palette bug fixed.


2.    QSoft - Poly m2 tab – Automatic offset - When drawing a closed polyline with an automatic offset with CAD's "UCSFollow" variable set to 1 - the drawings view would change midway through the action.


3.    QPlantPartner -  Minor plant name formatting bugs and column alignment issues fixed when importing plants into Qscape.


4.    Local/Network label – On click event for the label on QPlants, QBlocks and QMeasure did not activate the Local/Network Settings dialogue.  


Version 4.5   9th September 2011


1.      QPlants - "Find and Replace labels" - This new feature works in a similar way to native CAD's Find and Replace feature, except it automatically corrects the plant quantities within the label. It includes the following buttons - "Find Next", "Zoom to" "Replace" and "Replace All".  Button (magnifying glass icon) found at the top of the QPlants dialogue.  NB This function only works when “Plant Label content” is set to the default "Quantity and Abbreviation" mode.  If you are using a different label content mode eg "Full name" it is necessary to temporarily change back to the default mode.

2.    QPlants - Adding plant label to drawing - Following on from above, you can now click directly on existing plant labels (as well as closed polylines and blocks).  The plant label will be automatically replaced with the new plant label. (Quantity adjusted accordingly).  Again this feature can only be used if Plant Label content is set to the default "Quantity and Abbreviation" mode.


1.    QHard - "Description" Textbox - font size made smaller.

2.    QPlants - QPlants - QPlantPARTNER - When importing a plant from PlantPartner's product page or schedule page - Qscape suggests an appropriate abbreviation for the plant. Occasionally the suggested abbreviation was not as good as it could be eg Brachyglottus monroi was given the abbreviation "Bra" rather than "Bra mon".

3.    QPlants - QPlantPARTNER - Some of the grid rows on the import dialogue were too narrow.


1.    QSettings - Changing Plant Label Content - eg from "Quantity and Abbreviation" to "Full Name only". Function did not change plant labels on plant-label layers with personalised suffixes.  eg It worked on a layer called "QD-Label-Plant" but not on a layer called "QD-Label-Plant_Ph1".


2.    QAbout - "Check for updates button".  If the user's Qscape version was out of date.  The link/url to the Qscape download page was incorrect.


3.    QTools - "Add automatic label" and "Add user defined label" - When the leader was surpressed and using a non-World UCS - the created mtext object appeared in the wrong place.


4.    QPlants - QPlantPARTNER - When importing a few plants from PlantPartner's product page at one time.  Occasionally a PlantPARTNER's suggested stock size would not import into Qscape.



Version 4.4   25th July 2011


1.    Qscape start up - The popup which appears in the bottom right of the screen contains additional information such as the current drawing units, (eg 1 CAD unit = 1 metre) and  the current font style.

2.    QPlants - PlantPartner Automatic login - Password textbox, style changed to "password". (Hides characters whilst they are typed).

3.    QPlants - Plant database  editing If done outside of the Qscape interface but with an active CAD session open - a simple Qscape relaunch will update QPlants with in the current CAD session.


1.    Qscape start up – “Welcome” screen - On new installations pressing the "I'll enter a license key later" button caused an error which prevented the correct configuaration of Qscape on a first time installation.


Version 4.3   26th May 2011


1.    Qtools toolbar - "QLabel_User" button - This new function is for reviewing and quickly adding user defined labels to a drawing.  It includes the following commandline inputs:

               - "N" to launch a text editor for a new label.
        - "E" to edit an existing label in the drawing to create a new label.
        - <Space> to toggle through existing labels in the current drawing.
        - "M" to add a background mask to the label.
        - "L" to add a leader to the label.

2.    QPlants - "All/Used" Label toggle -. Simply click the new label which says "ALL" to toggle the QPlants display from all the plants in the palette to just those in the current drawing and vice versa.  This feature is designed to reduce the need to continually iterate through long lists of plants to add already used plants to a drawing.


1.    "QLabel" function renamed "QLabel_auto" - (button found on the QSoft and QHard dialogue boxes).  This function automatically added labels to existing Qscape drawing entities. A button has been now added to the Qtools toolbar next to the new "Qlabel_user" button. The button image has been updated.

2.    QPlants - leaders -the spline leader used for joining multiple plant symbols (blocks) is now generated as a continuous spline leader rather than several individual spline leaders.

3.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules - These are generated with less "white space" between the columns to make them more compact.


1.    CAD's "undo" function would undo too many plant labels when undoing a sequence of newly added plant labels.


Version 4.2   12th May 2011


1.    QSettings - Qscape Layer Prefix - Pressing "Apply" caused a sequence of error messages and failed to update the layer prefix.

2.    QPlants - Favourites (new installations only) - The favourites interface was missing a few pre-compiled favourite plant groups.

3.    QPlants - Opening/Closing the dialogue - If the dialogue was closed whilst in its minimised state, when it was re-launched some of the controls were invisible.


Version 4.1   6th May 2011


1.    QMeasure - Make Plant Schedule tab/Make Cost Estimate tab - Picking Measure polygons - This action failed to measure the contents of the polygon(s) when using a user defined UCS (rather than "World").


1.    QSettings - "QPlants - Keep/Delete lassoos" - Qscape v4.0 added a default value to "keep" the private layer lassoos (once picked when adding a plant label). Previous versions deleted the lassoos.  The default value has now been changed back to "delete".  NB If you have already started a drawing using v4.0 - the "keep" setting will remain unless changed in QSettings. 

2.    QMeasure - Make Cost Estimate tab - Picking Measure polygons. This action is speeded up, with less screen flashing. NB This improvement will be more notable on very large drawings with lots of hardworks etc.


Version 4.0   3rd May 2011

Supported CAD versions

·        AutoCAD 2008 to 2012 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·        Bricscad Pro v10, Bricscad Pro v11.


1.    AutoCAD 2012 - now supported.

2.    Qscape toolbars - New (and much improved) icons.

3.    Plantpartner interoperability - import of user defined plant groups - can now import plant groups with user defined names eg "Mix 1" etc, not just standard plant groups eg Shrubs, Trees etc.

4.    Qsettings - "QPlants - Keep/delete lassoos" - This setting gives the option to keep the private layer lassoos when picked (when adding a plant label).

5.    Qscape User Manual  - This is an interactive pdf document which include hyperlinks etc.  A link has been added to this document in the "QAbout" dialogue box.  The Qscape User Manual contains essentially the same information as Qscape's help files, but includes the necessary pages to allow it to be published/printed (eg front covers, contents pages, introduction etc). 


1.    Bricscad only - Qscape start up - Removed extraneous commandline information at startup.

2.    Qscape start up - "splash" screens and Register dialogue boxes - now forced to open in the centre of the CAD workspace area.

3.    QSettings - Local/Network Settings - It is not possible to connect to "My Qscape Documents" on the network if the directory path up to and before "My Qscape Documents" exceeds 100 characters. This is to keep file path lengths within Windows' file path length limitations.

4.    QPlants - Selecting closed polylines for adding shrub etc labels - The closed polyline is only deleted if it is on layer "QD-Private" so entire shrub beds can be picked (if they only contain one plant species).

5.    General CAD - Drawing units - Decimal unit precision set to 3 trailing 0's eg 2.000 metres when working in metres and no trailing 0's eg 2 mm when working in mm.

6.    QPlants - Launch PlantPARTNER button - tooltip changed to more accurately reflect its functionality.


1.    QMeasure - Plant Schedules - Layer control - When plant labels are placed on a layer other than QD-Label-Plant eg QD-Layer-Plant_01. Layer QD-Label-Plant still had to be defined in the drawing for the plants to be counted even if they were on the different layer.

2.    QPlants - Favourites Tab - Add/Remove Favourites categories - Occasionally the master plant databases from which selected plants can be to Favourites eg Trees, Shrubs etc, failed to appear in the listview. (This occurred when the relevant database eg Trees had previously opened in a QPlants session.

3.    QMeasure - Measure selected entities with in polygons or rectangles - In order to measure all the contents, it was necessary to have the entire polygon/rectangle visible on the screen.

4.    QMeasure - Exporting Plant Schedules to Excel - Sometimes the notes at the bottom of the plant schedule appeared with incorrect text.


1.    User's "Qscape Application Data" folder (on local computer) added to CAD's file support paths to enable AutoCAD 2012 to remember Qscape's Menu/toolbars from one CAD session to the next.

2.    Log file creation, debugging and uninstall/partial uninstall  routines now added to aid trouble shooting/product support.


Version 3.4   23rd March 2011


1.    QPlants  -  Adding a Plant Label - When adding a shrub, bamboo, aquatic/marginal, herbaceous, bulb label to a polyline - the plant numbers were calculated too high because Qscape was measuring the perimeter of the polyline rather than the area.  (Regression added in v3.3).


Version 3.3   11th March 2011


1.    QPlants  - Interoperability with PlantPARTNER.  PlantPARTNER is a popular and very comprehensive online planting resource website.  PlantPARTNER can be accessed directly through Qscape's interface using the green "PP" button found near the top of the QPlants dialogue.  This button allows you to take advantage of PlantPARTNER's plant databases and powerful search engine from within Qscape.  Both individual plants and PlantPARTNER "Schedules" can be imported directly in to Qscape, (no export required).   NB PlantPARTNER is a subscription based service, your company's user name and password can be entered directly into Qscape to negate logging in with each visit.  Please see http://www.plantpartner.co.uk for more details about PlantPARTNER or contact us for more information about this feature.

2.    QPlants - Plant databases - "Specification" column added. Additional plant information can be added under this column such as number of breaks, form eg "bushy" etc. NB the Specification column does not appear in the QPlants' ListViews but will (optionally) appear  in your Plant Schedules.

3.    QSettings - "QMeasure - Change Plant Schedule Running order". New setting to allow the changing of the running order within Plant Schedules of the different category titles eg "SHRUBS", "TREES", "HEDGES".

4.    QPlants - Plant labelling -  When selecting a closed polyline to add for instance a shrub label - there is now a "command line" option to select a linear polyline (and gain the length measurement rather than the area measurement). This new feature is useful for very narrow planting areas where it is more appropriate to position plants in a linear row.

5.    QPlants - Hedge labelling - When adding a hedge label to a selected closed polyline, there is now a "command line" option to select a linear polyline (and gain a precise length measurement rather than a length derived from the perimeter of the closed polyline). This feature is useful for very narrow hedges (less than 0.5m wide) or very wide hedges (over 1.2m wide) and a high level of precision is required.


1.    QPlants - Plant databases - the way Qscape reads the plant database is changed and is now more robust. Any information can now be entered in a column in a plant database.

2.    QPlants - "Listviews" - on the various tabs eg "Shrubs" - The default column widths have been made slightly wider, to reduce the need to continually manually adjust the column widths.

3.    QPlants - Bulbs tab - Superfluous "Stock" column checkbox removed.

4.    QPlants - Bulbs tab renamed "Bulbs/Wildflowers".  Wildflower (non bulbous) plants such as foxgloves etc can optionally be added here now.

5.    QPlants - Closed polyline selection - When selecting a closed polyline to add for instance a shrub label to a drawing. A Warning message now appears if there is no "spacing" eg 3/m2, specified in the database for the plant to be added.

6.    QMeasure - Progress Bar.  Added to the dialogue box when creating plant schedules and cost estimates.

7.    QMeasure - Plant Scheduling Layer Control - Qscape previously only counted plants on layer "QD-Label-Plant".  It will now count plants on additional layers too as long as the layer name has the prefix "QD-Label-Plant" eg "QD-Label-Plant_Phase 1".  This feature allows you to optionally exercise layer control to different sections of your plant labels.

8.    Startup - On launching Qscape any Qscape textstyles found in a new drawing/template will now revert back to Qscape's "factory settings" font sizes.

9.    QSettings - "Drawing Plot Scale - change existing entities" - Now only rescales entities in the drawing's model space.


1.    QPlants - Bulbs tab, Hedges tab, Hedge Mixes tab, Succulents tab - The "Refresh" button which reloads an edited database into the ListView on an active QPlants dialogue failed.

2.    QSoft - Poly m2 - Drawing closed polylines (in "Draw" mode). When the automatic offset checkbox was checked - very occasionally it would fail and cause CAD to crash.


Version 3.2   10th January 2011


1.    Bricscad only - QSoft/QHard - Hatch Settings.  Lineweight previews included with in the dropdown menu in the grids. (This feature already exists on AutoCAD versions).

2.    QSoft/QHard - Settings - "Delete items" dialogue - now resizeable.


1.    QSoft/QHard - Hatch Settings - Changing a hatch pattern in the "Properties" Grid or "Add Item" Grid, caused CAD to fatal error. (Regression added in v3.0).

2.    Bricscad only - QPlants - When adding a plant label to the drawing, the QPlants dialogue would not automatically lose focus. An example of how this manifested itself would be the inability to use mouse wheel zooming when adding a plant (without clicking the commandline first). (Regression added in v3.0).


Version 3.1   16th December 2010


1.    "QAbout" dialogue box - new buttons added, which enable you to do the following:-
- Read Qscape's EULA.
- Read Qscape's Release Notes.
- Fill in an online "Contact" form. (internet connection required)
- Fill in an online "Support Request" form.  (internet connection required)
- Fill in an online "Feature Request" form.  (internet connection required)
- Fill in an online "Report a bug" form.  (internet connection required)
- Check for Qscape updates.  (internet connection required)

2.    New EULA, (apologies for changing, the old one wasn't really fit for purpose). The new form is a standard software agreement form with clarification added by us to item 3.3 (b) regarding use of Qscape on 2nd laptops/home computers (yes you can, subject to restrictions) and further detail regarding our support obligations, see item 6. The EULA can be read by clicking the new "EULA" button in the "QAbout" dialogue box (see above).


1.    Qtools toolbar - all buttons now launch the "QAbout" dialogue box if Qscape has not previously been launched in a drawing session.

2.    Bricscad v11 - "QSettings" - "Optimimise CAD's settings" (QConfigure). Option to turn off "Dynamic Input" added for Bricscad Pro v11.

3.    "QSettings" - "Optimise CAD's settings" (QConfigure). Options to change CAD's pick box and cursor size (crosshairs) added, if they are not CAD's default sizes. This has been added because occasionally an error/crash may cause the cursor and pick box to go very small.

4.    Qscape start up - Dynamic Input is now automatically turned off.  It can be turned on again using the menu tablet at the bottom of the screen if required.


1.    QSoft/QHard - Poly m2/Poly m tabs - "Reverse" button - stopped working. (Still worked on QTools toolbar). (Regression added in v3.0).

2.    QSettings - "Autostart" - When the "autostart" checkbox is checked - A conflict sometimes occurred between CAD's native start up splash screens, "Tip of the day", New features dialogues etc and Qscape's start up splash screens, the first time CAD is opened. It is now necessary to manually "Launch Qscape" just once at the start of the initial CAD session, thereafter Qscape will automatically launch for all subsequently opened drawings (assuming "Autostart" is checked).


Version 3.0   6th December 2010

Supported CAD versions

·        AutoCAD 2007 to 2011 (and verticals such as AutoCAD Architecture).

·        Bricscad Pro v10, Bricscad Pro v11.


1.    Bricscad Pro v11 - now supported.

2.    QSoft/QHard - Polyline/Closed Polyline Settings - "Linetypes" selected from a dropdown list within the Properties grid rather than from a separate dialogue box. Linetype previews are included with in the dropdown (new feature for Bricscad users).

3.    New linetypes - QLTYPE_064 (squiggly line) and QLTYPE_065 (hedge type linetype) added to Qscape's linetype library. NB As these are complex linetypes the shape file c:/program files/Qscape.shx has been updated. If you have previously copied this shape file to another directory on your network, please manually replace it (so other non-Qscape CAD users can correctly read your linetypes in drawings).

4.    New command - "Qorder" -This command is similar to CAD's native draw order functions, however extra commandline inputs have been added to send entities to "Front" or "Back" of the draworder. A crucial difference from the native functions is it has an "All" command line option has been added.  This allows the selection of an entity eg mtext on layer "QD-Label-Plant" and not just that entity but all others of the same type on its layer will be changed too.  The "Qorder" button is positioned adjacent to the Background mask buttons on the "Qtools" toolbar as it is anticipated a common use of the command will be to bring background masked labels above other entities.

5.    Bricscad only - QSettings - Leader Style.  The Selection Combobox now includes images of the arrow aheads. (This feature already exists on AutoCAD versions).

6.    Bricscad only - QSoft/QHard - Block Settings - Block previews now available. (This feature already exists on AutoCAD versions).

7.    Bricscad only - QSoft/QHard - Polyline/Closed Polyline settings.  Lineweight previews included with in the dropdown menu. (This feature already exists on AutoCAD versions).

8.    Bricscad only - QBlocks - "Edit categories" and "Edit blocks" buttons added.  These buttons enable the adding and removing of blocks and categories to the block manager. (This feature already exists on AutoCAD versions).


1.    Improved graphics for Background mask buttons on the "Qtools" toolbar.


1.    QSettings - Plant label content - If changing the information to display in a drawing - an error occurred if there were no plant labels in the drawing.

2.    AutoCAD 2009 and 2010 only - QPlants - adding a plant label - picking a closed polyline occasionally caused the error message "Cannot calculate
the area of a self intersecting curve." and QPlants GUI would freeze (until Qscape is relaunched). This was due to a bug in AutoCAD's native
"area" command.


Version 2.16   26th November 2010


1.    QPlants - Plant labels - Options to change what is displayed in a drawing's plant labels. The options are:

1.    Quantity and Abbreviation. Label = "10No. Cho ter". (default mode).

2.    Abbreviation only. Label = "Cho ter".

3.    Quantity and Full name. Label =  "10No. Choisya ternata".

4.    Full name only. Label = "Choisya ternata".

5.    Quantity, Full name and stock. Label = "10No. Choisya ternata (3L)".

6.    Full name and stock. Label =  "Choisya ternata (3L)".

This feature can be accessed through QSettings - Plant Label Content, or QPlants "Settings" button. NB plant labels can only be manually edited with CAD's text editor when in the default "Quantity and Abbreviation" mode. In the other modes the plant labels contain "hidden" information which will not be updated through a manual edit.

1.    QMeasure - "Make Plant Schedule" and "Export Plant Schedule to Excel" - functions are modified to accord with the different plant label displays (see above).

2.    "QTools toolbar" - "Quick selection tool". (Keyboard entry - "qsel"). This is a powerful tool, that on clicking an entity returns useful information such as its layer, entity type eg Hatch boundary, closed polyline etc.  The tool includes some handy command line inputs - Pressing the <space> bar allows you to cycle through the entities stacked under (and close by) without changing their "draw order".  Pressing "S" allows you to select the relevant entity.

3.    "QTools" toolbar -  "Xref List" button. (Keyboard entry - "qref"). This tool allows you to select an xref entity and it will return the Xref/block name, the xref/block layer and the "nested" xref layer.

4.    QHard - Hatch tab - new button - "Match hatch origin and angle". This button allows the "origin" and "direction" of an existing hatch in the drawing to be inherited and then "pasted" to other hatches.  An example of its use would be to save time for repetitive hatch jobs such as concrete blocks in multiple parking bays.  Simply quickly draw all the hatches with the "Angle" checkbox <unchecked> - then retrospectively using this tool - fix the hatch origins and directions in one go.


1.    Hatch boundary visibility/invisibility functions - speeded up.

2.    QHard and QSoft - Hatch tab -  "Pick" option. Non Qscape entities such as hatches without boundaries can be selected and they will be converted and given an associative hatch boundary. The routine is generally more robust, quicker and more reliable.

3.    QMeasure - Cost Estimating - Speed improvements. This is probably only notable on very large drawings. Also Command line output added, so progress can be reviewed on large drawings.

4.    QMeasure - Plant Scheduling - Speed improvements. This is probably only notable on very large drawings.

5.    QPlants - Adding/Removing Favourite Plants dialogue box. The "<<REMOVE" button for Favourites Catagories now renamed "<<DELETE" to avoid
confusion. (The word "Remove" implied that the action was reversible, when in fact is not.)

6.    QSoft - Dialogue box - now resizeable.

7.    QHard - Dialogue box - no maximum width on resizing.

8.    QHard and QSoft - All Settings dialogue boxes - All dialogue boxes default sizes increased to 1024 x 768 pixels. (The minimum recommended
screen resolution for AutoCAD and Bricscad). They are now resizeable so users can expand them if they have a high resolution monitor or alternatively if using a Netbook of only 1024 x 600 resolution - shrink them .

9.    QPlants - Adding and Removing Favourite plants dialogue box - default size changed and made resizable as above.

10. QPlants - spline leaders - When selecting multiple blocks eg trees in "Multi" mode. The line connecting the selected blocks is now a 3 point spline. This enables the middle "grip" to be selected and pulled around other (non-selected) entities.


1.     "QLassoo" function - Stopped working on very large drawings with lots of Qscape polylines already within it.

2.     Bricscad - QHard - Hatch tab - Update  hatch origin and angle button - occasionally failed.

3.     Start up Splash Screen - If Qscape was set to "Network mode" and the "My Qscape Documents" folder on the network cannot be found on startup (for instance
if working on a  non connected laptop) -  an error message appeared and the splash screen did not close.

4.     AutoCAD - QHard and QSoft - Hatch tab -  "Pick" option. When updating a hatch using the "Pick" drawing mode and working in "mm". The replacement hatch
object was drawn to the wrong drawing units.

5.     QMeasure - Cost Estimating tab - Cost Estimate Settings - Soft plot rates - The textbox for adding the number of plots in the drawing
sometimes disappeared.

6.     QMeasure - Cost Estimating tab - Measuring Selected polygons - The "Open" and "Import" buttons for the cost estimate and schedule of
quantities were not "enabled" after the cost estimate had been created.

7.     QPlants - Settings - Hide/Show (plant group) tabs - When in "Network" mode the settings were not "remembered".


Version 2.15   10th October 2010


1.    Bricscad commandbar focus behaviour - when implementing functions off Qscape's GUI's - eg to draw a closed polyline from QSoft, the Bricscad command bar would lose its focus. This manifested itself by requiring an additional <click> on the command bar to activate it prior ti typing something eg <escape>.

2.    Bricscad "ortho" tile button behaviour - When drawing a hatch or closed polyline in "draw" mode - the "ortho" tile button (below the commandline) did not work and additionally caused Qscape's code to break (causing Qscape's automatic offset feature to not work correctly).


Version 2.14   2nd October 2010


1.    QSoft - "Poly m2 tab" - Offset button - now offsets the distance specified in the Offset Distance Textbox rather than 0.15m.


1.    QSoft and QHard Settings - Changing/adding  cost rates for an item - if Qscape's "units" were set to "mm" - the rate was not automatically updated to 2 decimal places. Eg an item given a cost rate of £2 was not automatically corrected to £2.00.

2.    QSettings - "Drawing Plot Scale - Change existing entities"